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  • Your online wish list maker. Smart way to create wish list. Earn your wishes by using your skills. Make money with your skills

    What is Wishtabs

    wishTabs Lets you share your wishes with your friends, and keep track of your wishes

  • Wish list. Make a wish list online. Share wish list with friends. Best wish list online.

    Looking for an awesome wish?

    Check out our Wishables page. You can suggest, Add and recommend wishes too.

  • plan and raise funds. Post and share your skills, and earn money for your wish

    Need ways to earn your wish?

    Along with your wishes, Offer help with things you can, to your friends.

  • Share a wish list online on facebook or twitter. Share wish list with friends. Get cash for using your skills.

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How it works

wishTabs lets you share your skills and time with friends and family. Share wishlist, along with things you can do with your skills. To get started,

Sign Up Now, Share and unwrap your wishes. That's what wishTabs is all about.

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